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We've been on the alert ever since we heard there had been a string of burglaries in our part of town. See also: alert, on. a·lert (ə-lûrt′) adj. 1. Vigilantly attentive; watchful: alert to danger; an alert bank guard. See Synonyms at careful.

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The period of time during which troops stand by in response to an alarm. 4. To forewarn; to prepare for action. See also airborne alert. 5. (DOD only) A warning alert definition: 1. quick to see, understand, and act in a particular situation: 2.

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(Entry 1 of 3) 1 a : watchful and prompt to meet danger or emergency an alert guard trying to stay alert to possible problems. b : quick to perceive and act mentally alert. 2 : active, brisk elicited an alert response.

Alert meaning

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Review the alert. Follow the instructions on the security alert to review the activity on your account. If the activity wasn’t you. On the security alert, review the sign-in details, including device type, time, and location.

Alert meaning

livlig, morsk. mettlesome ▽. livlig, rörlig. vivacious ▽. livlig debatt.
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Alert meaning

There are 4 statuses – Green, Yellow, Orange and Red, depending on the severity and spread of the disease. For each  alert meaning in tamil with example. alert tamil meaning and more example for alert will be given in tamil. To deal with problems related to traffic the city police  PEGA0042: alert meaning.

The Financial Times has been the world’s leading provider of business and finance news, insight and analysis for more than 125 years. With an FT Group Ebola's Upside Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Ebola's Upside Talk about using evil power for good: University of Pennsylvania researchers have combined HIV and the E Alert meaning in Bengali. adjective. (1) সতর্ক; হুশিয়ার; সজাগ; অতন্দ্র; অবহিত; সচেতন; (2) চটপটে; noun  ALERT MEANING IN HINDI - EXACT MATCHES. alert अलर्ट / एलर्ट / अलेर्ट.
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Oscoda County There are currently no active weather alerts. Copyright © All rights reserved. | CoverNews by AF themes. Step 1: Reset Maintenance Message. Press and hold trip reset button,; turn on the ignition,; wait for the yellow warning light to start blinking,  Argus-eyed definition | Argus-eyed meaning - words to Watch definition | Watch Alert definition | Alert meaning - Positive Words Dictionary.

Phrase used to declare a super nerdy incident. Phrase used after a very indepth, overly detailed explanation, definition, anticdote, or nerdy personal admission is made. Can be used to describe yourself or others.
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Red alert definition is - the final stage of alert in which enemy attack appears imminent; broadly : a state of alert brought on by impending danger. How to use red alert in a sentence. Alert if it: 1) promises spades or 2) has some other conventional meaning.